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Hi UltimateAshanti is a site dedicated to the Hip Hop and R&B Princess Ashanti Douglas! There are hundreds of pictures, Bio, Tour Dates, Updates, Murder INC info, Lyrics and so much more!

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April 30, 2003

Ashanti will be featured on VH1's "All Access:Best & Worst Dressed" on Wednesday April 30, 2003 the show will reapeat on May 7th and May 10th 2003.

You can now listen to Ashanti's new single."Rock Wit U(AWWW BABY)" on MTV.com. Look in the Audio/Video part of Ashanti's section. It great.

Yahoo.com is reporting that Ashanti will realease her lates single, "Rock Wit U (AWW BABY)" To the radios on May 5, 2003 and commercially on June 16, 2003. The song, which Irv Gotti produced, will be the lead single from Ashanti's sophomore album "Chapter 2" which is due out on July 1, 2003 inn the United sates and on June 30,2003 internationally.

Listen to Ashanti's New singe "Rock Wit U (AWW BABY) At MurderINCRecord.com!

Ashanti won the award for best Female artist at the Kids 2003 Kids Choice Awards!

Groovevolt.com reports Ashanti has recruited *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake to do a duet with her on her upcoming sophomore album. "Justin has taken a thing for Ashanti," Says a close friend to the R&B Princess. "He was planning to release his duet with Mariah Carey but Jive will not let up. the track with him and Christina may also never see the light of day. Ashanti, on the other hand is said to be in place!" (Source: PopDirt.com)


The layout was changed and pages have been updated. I added new pages and I also deleted some. I deleted the Tours and Awards page and News page but I did added a NEW page called "Poems From Foolsih/Unfoolish"That page will have quotes and Poems from Ashantis new book. I also added a new page called "Its Murder" that page is dedicated to The WHOLE Murder INC Family.

April 29, 2003

Hey. I am sorry I have not updated in a while. Well First check out the pages they are loaded with updates! "Foolish Unfoolish" Has some new poems from Ashanti's book that I have added. I also added a "Guestbook"!

If you didn't know Ashanti has a new album coming out. (see "What's New Page" for more details.) Sign up for Teen Vogue and get a Limited addition CD from Ashanti in a 4-colored jewel case.

January 8, 2003:

Ashanti's Hit song 'Baby The Remix' was at number 8 on 106 + Park to day. Mesmerize was also on the countdown at number 7. Go to BET.com/106andPark.

Mesmerize was also number 7 on MTV's TRL. Keep voting so they can all make it to number 1!! go to MTV.com to vote.

Okay since I reset and remade the site a lot of pages are down so please have patience I will tell you what pages are down and when they will be up.
Photo Center (Friday May 16,2003)
Ashanti's Lyrics (Thursday May 15,2003)
The "Murder INC" Page is down only because I need to add pictures so you can go there but there are no pictures yet they will be up on (Friday May 16,2003)

These pages will be up really soon so keep checking in.

Thank you for visitng UltimateAshanti.com.

UltimateAshanti.com is ONLY a fansite I do not know Ashanti Douglas personally or am I her.

*May 11, 2003*

The "Murder INC" page was updated I have not found any pictures for it yet so please be patient it should be up by Monday I will post it if any later. You can read a few lines from XXL magazine that Ja Rule and Irv Gotti are on the cover of!

~May 9, 2002~
The Princess of R&B and Hip Hop lends her hand in the fight against AIDS. Go to BET>com for Ashanti's interview.

Bio Page updated!

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